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Why Do We Become Aged?-The Best natural Remedy for Aging.

What is the Basic of Youthful Appearance?

The aging process diminishes youthful appearance. The basic of youth – such symbolic piece of myth that refers to immortality has been used over and over again on diverse forms of literature both in the past and in the present. Often, the basis of youth’s cataloging as myth is faced from time to time with some expeditions or travels that ascertain to have eventually found the fountain’s location. However, this repeated symbol of everlasting youth in most forms of literature and art, confirms man’s essential affinity with immortality.

In our modern situation, this earnest desire for immortality is practically within mankind’s hold with the promise of better technologies and sciences in the coming future. However, to totally grasp and realize the means of obtaining eternal life or a very long life span in the very least, one must first see the progression behind our aging. This query kept many bright scientists hell-bent on probing for evidences and theories that may respond  such persistent query.

Although the course of these scientific researches on the realm of human aging, scientists could come up with a term that refers to the human aging process – senescence. This term denotes to a deterioration implication that demonstrates itself as people get old. Senescence is believed to be the result of a biochemical deregulation that is a natural component of life.

Nevertheless, the effects of senescence diverge among varied species. Take for an instance a bat and a rodent, both of them are classified as mammals and both are of the same size, but a bat normally lives longer than a rodent for the former can live up to 30 years while the latter usually have a life span of only two to three years. However, some animal species such as rockfish, turtles, and lobsters show a certain trait known as the insignificant senescence. This trait supports these specific animal species to live through a longer period of time compared to other species. Some of these species can even live for an incredible span of 200 years.

Findings through far-reaching studies that were conducted by numerous scientists imply that this unusual trait is a result of evolutionary and genetic features that rule over these animals’ life durability. However, scientists still find it hard to integrate this kind of trait to humans and the reason behind it is quite simple: we humans live under a entirely different environment when compared  to those animals that enjoy the negligible senescence trait.

The best thing that we humans can do for now is to first and foremost decide the various aspects that increase the process of aging and to address these features accordingly. One of the most noticeable reasons or factors behind aging is stress. In a nutshell, the dynamics of stress merely say that continuous beatings and punishments that our bodies take from everyday jobs lead to hormone disruption which can eventually lead to cell destruction.

Additionally, the deterioration of the hypothalamus, a gland that resides in your head, is also one of the influential factors of aging. The hypothalamus is exclusively responsible for setting the “traffic” of numerous hormones to other glands. Through the course of time, the hypothalamus becomes tired and tends to be erroneous in releasing proper amounts of hormone to other glands in the human body. This causes to imbalanced hormone levels which cause destruction to tissues.

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Outer features brought about by the environment are also some of the very possible reasons behind the aging process. Environmental troubles such as pollution, radiation, contaminants together with self-induced stress, and poor nutrition cause damage on human cells. Significant damage is immediately affected upon these cells once they are unprotected to such harmful external factors. Cells play a very significant role on the process of aging because they comprise valuable information for the human body’s growth. Whenever a cell reproduces or divides itself, it makes sure that the new cell is of the same level with the previous cell that it originated from. If that previous cell received any smallest form of damaged from the previously stated  factors, it will then brood new cells that possess slightly deformed information sets. This will cause to start a trend of degenerated cells which causes to what is generally known as the aging process.

Among these scientific theories that deal with the process of aging the Free Radical Theory tends to be the most widespread among contemporary American health buffs. This theory suggests that awfully reactive chemicals, which the term free radicals refer to, are responsible for inflicting damage to the human body’s tissues. In general, however, these free radicals are not totally bad for the human body for they also serve several purposes for the body’s development. But what is damaging to the human body, particularly to the tissues, is the free radicals’ capability to reproduce itself in excessive amounts. Free radicals are gifted with an extra electron which makes them more skilled of stealing electrons from other molecules which they tend to do very often. This act eventually leads to a very hazardous cycle that can burnout the cells from continuously repairing damaged molecules.

With these various theories that try to interpret the process of aging, certain medical resolutions are also devised to combat the unavoidable aging ritual. The most common among these medical solutions are taking vitamin C and vitamin E supplements to battle stress and to balance out the damage tempted by free radicals in the body. Another effective method is to lessen your average intake of junk foods and replacing it with healthier food choices such as fruits and vegetables.

A Sure Anti Aging Remedy

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